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Our simple 3 x step process

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We start with a detailed interview with yourself.All we ask is for 2 hours of your time, then we'll create your content for the full month:• Your story of how you got to where you are today
• The lessons you have learned
• Your ideal client
• The key messages you want to share
This interview gives us everything we need to write your content.


Once the interview is complete, we'll begin work producing your content.This is created in your own unique style and tone of voice.The content output will be several:• Tweets
• Threads
• Long-form posts
• Value-driven Giveaways
As a done for you service this is all completed with zero effort from yourself.


Content is posted across the agreed platforms.As each post goes LIVE, we distribute this across our large network specialised within your niche, getting thousands of eyes on your content.You'll gain new followers, build your brand and increase your sales revenue.



The Millennial CFO

Meet Bradley, "The Millennial CFO", with a proven track record of spearheading remarkable business growth. Leveraging his expertise and strategic insights, Bradley played a pivotal role in transforming a business from a modest £12 million annual turnover to an impressive £150,000,000.Following a successful exit in June 2022, Bradley embraced a new mission—to empower aspiring entrepreneurs. He launched a dynamic YouTube channel, becoming a beacon of knowledge and sharing invaluable strategies to help entrepreneurs effectively grow and scale their businesses.Beyond his online presence, Bradley's passion for nurturing talent led him to become a sought-after coach and mentor for founders, entrepreneurs, and leaders worldwide. Through his guidance, countless individuals have achieved peak performance, unlocking their true potential both in their businesses and personal lives.

Bradley is also a distinguished author. His best-seller, "Community of Customers," has captivated readers with its insightful approach to building a brand through social media.In 2023, leveraging his wealth of experience and keen business acumen, Bradley launched Elite Ghostwriters—an innovative venture that has revolutionized content creation and propelled rapid growth on the Twitter platform. By utilizing a proven formula, he and his team have helped businesses and individuals alike establish a strong online presence and foster engaging connections with their audiences.With a focus on quality and impact, Elite Ghostwriters partners only with the Elite. If you aspire to elevate your:• Authority in your niche
• Enhance your reputation
• Skyrocket your sales
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